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Dustin Linden - Window Cleaning Service in Omaha
With over ten years of experience cleaning windows of all sizes from big office buildings to small homes, Dustin started Linden Cleaning Service for one simple reason: to make sure that his customers get the services they need along with the care they expect, all while beating the competitions’ prices. Dustin’s commitment to quality service in other companies has left customers satisfied for years, and now, with Linden Cleaning Service, he’s sure to exceed your expectations, too!

Linden Cleaning Service has been in business since 2010 being owned and operated by Dustin and Becky Linden. They each grew up up in small towns near Grand Island, Nebraska. Dustin experienced first-hand the type of personal customer care that tight-knit communities are known for—where service professionals are your friends and neighbors who know you by name and genuinely care about giving you the best work and experience for your money.

Dustin and Becky moved to Omaha in 2001 to attend school, bringing small town values with them. Here in Omaha, Dustin has worked with both commercial and residential window cleaning companies, where he’s honed his skills to provide you with professional services at a practical price. There’s no job too big or small for Linden Cleaning Service, and Dustin is determined to make his small-town, hard-working attitude work for you!

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