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The Clear Advantages of our Commercial Window Cleaning Services

As business owners we all know that time is money, but it’s also true that money is money, and it can be hard to know where to spend it most effectively to grow your business. You want to put your hard-earned money in areas that will provide a return on your investment in tangible ways, because there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re wasting your money.

Our commercial window cleaning specialists at Linden Cleaning Service strongly suggest you invest in our professional window cleaning services as a means of promoting the appearance and efficiency of your business. As far as simple steps you can take that provide huge returns on your investment, hiring a professional window cleaning service is definitely a smart choice! Read more »

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Our Roof Raking Specialists provide 3 Steps to Prevent Roof Ice Dams

This is the time of year when snow starts to fall in earnest, and our team of roof raking professionals at Linden Cleaning Service advises you to be careful in keeping ice dams from forming on your roof. An ice dam can form when a poorly insulated attic allows heat to escape through the top of a slanted roof, melting accumulated snow and letting the resulting water run down the roof. As the water reaches the gutter line it refreezes, creating an ice barrier that prevents water from running its natural course through your gutters and downspouts.

While an ice dam is an irritating and costly problem to solve once you have it, there are steps you can take to prevent one from forming in the first place. As a company in Omaha specializing in roof raking and window cleaning, our team at Linden Cleaning Service would like to offer you the following tips to combat ice dams this winter. Read more »

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What You Should Know about Winter Gutter Leaf Removal

Now that winter has reared its head and the temperature has dropped into single digits, most people have switched their attentions from cleaning their gutters to shovels and snow blowers. If you’re one of those people who’ve let time get away from you this fall and haven’t yet cleaned your gutters, our gutter leaf removal team at Linden Cleaning Service wants to urge you to have them cleaned now! Clogged gutters in the winter can cause huge and expensive problems if they’re not addressed promptly. This is just another shining example of preventative maintenance paying off in the long run. Read more »

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Keep Your Windows Squeaky Clean This Winter with Linden Cleaning

If you ask most people when they think their home’s windows should be cleaned, chances are they’ll say in the spring or summertime, when the weather’s a bit more cooperative for outdoor work and the outside world isn’t looking so drab. If you were to suggest that they consider cleaning their windows year-round, even in winter, you’d probably see more than a few raised eyebrows.

Well, that’s precisely what our residential window cleaning team at Linden Cleaning Service is going to recommend in this post, and we hope that by the end you’ll agree that making the state of your windows a priority this winter will pay valuable dividends you’ll appreciate throughout the year! Read more »

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The True Dangers of DIY Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutters is a hated chore that practically no one looks forward to. While there are things to enjoy about any other household task (mowing, raking, washing dishes, folding laundry, etc.), do-it-yourself gutter cleaning is objectively a bad time. Countless trips up and down the ladder, braving the normal decaying leaf muck and the occasional surprise, this time a squirrel that reached its expiration date last month, hooray!

In addition to the job’s unpleasantness, though, are more serious reasons why you should consider letting a professional outfit like Linden Cleaning Service clean your gutters for you, both this year and in the future. Read more »

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The Anatomy of an Ice Dams; Why to Avoid Them – Roof Raking Specialists

Our team of roof raking specialists at Linden Cleaning Service have seen many home and business owners beset by costly problems over the years resulting from improper roof and snow maintenance on the property.

One of the costliest problems that can easily develop on your roof in the wintertime is the ice dam. Exactly as the name suggests, this is a dam formed by ice on your roof that traps snowmelt and can cause water to seep underneath your shingles into your attic. This can cause hard-to-identify mold problems, and can even affect the structural integrity of your home or business if left unchecked. Read more »